My EDC. 

You carry tools on you every day. You have a spare tire and a jack in your car in case you get a flat. A charger in case your phone battery gets low. A condom in your wallet in case you get lucky. These are a list of tools that are better to have and not need, than need and not have. I also carry all those tools, (except the condom, I’m married) as well as some other tools. I carry a gun and two knives on me. I carry these tools because I have seen true evil and I know it’s not simply just going to go away. True evil desires to cause as much pain, carnage, and death as possible until ultimately, it’s stopped. True evil goes after the soft targets. Soft targets are the schools, hospitals, churches, basically any “gun free” zone. And why wouldn’t they go after these targets? While at a soft target, true evil has an extended time line to do whatever they’d like until men with guns show up to stop them. If they try the same thing in a well-armed community, their terror would cease to be by the first of many well placed rounds delivered by 2nd amendment loving Americans. While in war zones I carried my tools in a tactically efficient manner. My primary weapon (rifle) was in my hands, secondary weapon (pistol) was attached to my hip via retention holster, and tertiary weapon (knife) was on my kit as so I could access it with either hand. The wearing of weapons in this manner made sense because the probability of coming into contact with an individual trying to take my life was almost absolute. I live in America and if I tried to walk around my suburban Philadelphia neighborhood in the same manner I walked in war zones, I’d scare the shit out of people and would have a lot of explaining to do to the local cops. Here in America it’s best to blend in because we have to interact with other people on a daily basis and the threat is not that of a war zone. I carry concealed in a manner that nobody can tell I am armed. I do this because in the rare case that I am in an active shooter scenario, if the shooter sees me first and identifies me an individual who may have a gun, that shooter will more than likely take me out before I have a chance to defend myself. True evil wants soft targets, not someone who will stop their reign of terror. I blend in by not only concealing my gun, but also how I dress. I don’t wear “tactical” looking clothing. My t-shirts don’t have pictures of guns on them and I don’t look like a 5.11 catalog. I also don’t have a “high and tight” military style hair cut even though I’m still in the military (my 1st sergeant would probably like me to change that). Quite honestly, I sort of look like a displaced mountaineer enthusiast.