I was privileged to get some first rate one-on-one tactical pistol training from “Red” Redheffer. Quite possibly the best firearms training I have ever had, and this means something coming from an old Marine. Red is a highly experienced yet humble military operator, a true American Spartan, awesome instructor, and just a REALLY nice guy. The best money I spent all year and even better spent supporting a returning combat veteran. Looking forward to my next class…Pistol Combatives….for those extremely up close and personal encounters…because shit happens. Did I mention I was pleased?

-Ray McKinley USMC

Very focused training with an instructor who has a strong and professional presence, articulate communication skills and an in depth understanding of the student’s needs. Each student who attended walked away with new skills, re-enforced existing skills and most importantly motivation. I would attend another course from this instructor regardless of topic.

-SGT James Cadden, ELPD

The course was highly professional and entailed a functional layered progression. I really enjoyed the teaching methodology, progression, and pace. Communication of safety, fundamentals, body mechanics, manipulations and other particulars were concisely articulated (as well as answers to questions) and demonstrated with precision. The unique visual teaching tools – e.g. interactive poster, targets, and slides (notes) are great artifacts to help explain and recall the curriculum, drills, and overall experience during and after the course. Having experience with other courses, I can appreciate a varying or contrasting view of teaching methods and points of instruction. Certain aspects were new and very useful: e.g. Using a unique interactive graphic as a teaching aid for concentration and visual focus; unique visually interactive shooting target with drills; marksmanship axiom of “making bigger circles into smaller circles” was a great verbal/visual analogy; an alternative and functional method and manipulation for engaging multiple targets; Drilling for the 5° indent for port inspection after executing controlled pairs. From my perspective, there wasn’t anything nonessential.

-Joel Levan, Radius Factor (owner)

Great introduction class for the pistol. Very knowledgeable and professional, he’ll shape the course based on your needs and get you grounded with the fundamentals.

-Nick Pinto USA

I took the beginner course and had an absolute blast. Red is a great guy. I felt safe at all times and had an effective training session. I will be taking more courses in the near future.

-Carl Schmidt


Our day started meeting Red at New Holland Rifle and Pistol Club. Red was on-time and greeted Steve and I with enthusiasm and ready to start the day. Our class room training was very complete, very sequential, extremely informative, serious but light hearted and fun. Red’s extensive experience, temperament and patience lent itself very well giving Steve and I a chance to get comfortable before heading to the range. On the range and for the remainder of the day Red carefully, methodically and patiently led us through Rockwells Pistol 101 class. Red followed the class curriculum as listed on Rockwells website to a tee. Steve and I finished the day with Red and left the range with confidence realizing how much we learned and how well we are now prepared to safely handle our hand guns. I would highly recommend Rockwell Tactical services to anyone interested in the proper training needed to safely and effectively handle fire arms. Red was a perfect fit for Steve and I. His professionalism, experience, knowledge and patience could not have been better.

-Thomas E. Kampel