William Redheffer is a five time combat veteran who has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a certified Army Sniper with extensive knowledge in multiple long range precision rifles. William served five years as an Assaulter in the elite US Army Special Operations (1st Ranger Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment, to be specific) and eleven years total military service (he currently serves as the Sniper/Recon Platoon Sergeant in the National Guard). While in Special Operations, William held many titles including but not limited to rifleman, 203 grenadier, Anti-Tank Rocket gunner, explosive and tactical breacher, SAW gunner, 240 gunner, .50cal gunner, and Alpha Team Leader. William received an award for Valor and Heroism for defeating an enemy ambush attempt in the mountains of Afghanistan.

William is a certified level 3 Modern Army Combatives (MACP) instructor and spent two years as a full time instructor at FT Carson Colorado. As an instructor, he certified and assisted in hundreds of level one and two MACP classes. William represented Ft Carson as a competitor in the All Army Combatives Tournament as well as dozens of Jiu-Jitsu Tournaments throughout Colorado.

Most recently, William deployed to the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan and served on the Department of States’ Emergency Response Team (ERT). After four months of Diplomatic security William got picked up by the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). His primary duty while with JSOC was as the subject matter expert in Sniper operations within the Special Operations battlefield.

When not off trying to save the world, he lives outside Philadelphia with his wife Shannon and their dog Caroline. _DSC5091